Right now I have a few thing going on that I am excited about.  
At Viewfinders, the after-school program where I teach, our middle school students have been developing a short film.
In Video Lab we are starting the new year by going back to basics and reviewing digital file management. I am expecting the community and non-profit leaders, small-business owners, and independent artist who come to Video Lab each week to create a ton of assets this year and I we want to make sure we keep things safe and organized. 
Video Lab is free and open to the public! It a great place to network, create, and learn. You can find me there every Tuesday from 6PM-8PM at MICA PLACE 814 N. Collington Ave Baltimore, 21205
The podcasts that I produce are all starting up new seasons in January. The newest is called The Wellness Connection. Unlike the other podcasts, The Wellness Connection is a client project so I am more behind the scenes there, but I am learning having fun and learning a bunch from Karen, the occupational therapist and wellness coach who hosts the show and from the guests she has interviewed. 
For more personal creative practice I am currently writing and recording some new music,  and making videos like these. 
If you would like to learn more about my work please reach out by email at hey@geradforte.com or drop me a note below. Maybe we can work together.
Thank you!
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